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Switch Plate Covers

Our switch plate covers are photoetched copper, nickel, or brass, with hand painted detail upon a satin oxide finish & then covered with 2 protective clear matt lacquer coatings. Although the protective clear coatings inhibit the natural oxidation process, as with most metals, they may eventually, over time, begin to darken. Some people like the natural patina that develops. Others may want to preserve the "brand new" look by using a standard metal polish sparingly, for either brass, nickel, or copper, being careful to avoid the recessed blackened areas. Or, use a very soft steel wool & rub gently in one direction to remove surface dirt & darkness without creating scratch marks. Spraying with a clear coat matt lacquer is recommended to again preserve the sheen.

Installation: All of our switches have been test mounted & fit standard electrical fixtures. If you experience a snugger fit around the light switch than you are used to, just apply a little pressure & the plate will snap neatly over the light switch. We recommend screwing the included screws securely, but do not over screw as this may cause the switch plate to bow out from the wall.

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Switch Plate Finishes

Camel pose shown in the 3 available metals: (from left to right) Copper, Nickel, & Brass

Nite lites also available in these metals

Ornaments/Mobiles available in copper. Availability in brass & nickel on limited basis, please call if interested.

Moon Goddess Switch Plate Moon Goddess (Camel) Switch Plate

(Shown in Brass)    5" x 3 3/4"     $23.00

Photoetched design of a woman in the Camel pose (Ustrasana)

Wizard Switch Plate Wizard Holds the Key (from the Clownpanion series)

(Shown in Nickel)    5 1/2" x 3"    $23.00

Photoetched design of a wizard floating ub the sky outside a gothic window

Jester Switch Plate Sleeping Jester (from the Clownpanion series)

(Shown in Brass)    6 1/4" x 3"    $23.00

Photoetched design of a jester sleeping on a cloud on the edge of the moon, hanging larger than life half in the window frame.

Dog in the Window Dog in the Window

(Shown in Copper)    4 7/8" x 3"    $23.00

Photoetched design with the view outside the window of a dalmation looking in against a background of sky, clouds, birds, & hot air balloons.

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