Cindy & the Dolphins
C.A. Daniels & Company

  Dear Buyer,

Thank you for finding us amid the never-ending search for unique, well-designed and functional products.

This collection is very near to our heart for many reasons (besides enabling us to imagine you shaving with our razors in joyous abandonment) - your enthusiastic and consistent support has allowed us to continue creating wonderful products where each design offers something above and beyond its utilitarian purpose. Be it a deeper appreciation of nature and the inspiration it provides, the delight in a poem or story stimulated by the design, or the awareness of the environmental consequences of our daily lives.

For even in such a seemingly innocuous activity as shaving, two billion or more disposable razors are trashed yearly! We think using one of our beautiful collectible, highly "FUN"ctional razors instead of a disposable will help cut down on this.

We also hope you find the fruit of our efforts worthy of finding a place in your store or home, and maybe even in your heart.

Best Wishes,

C.A. & Co.

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